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Informing him of his rights and information on his case, and responding to his inquiries in a simple language.

  • Knowing the treating physician and the caregiving team.
  • Receive appropriate care in the event of pain or disability.
  • Obtaining appropriate care (if available in the hospital) that respects the patient’s values ​​and beliefs and dignity, and taking into account equality in providing it.
  • Knowing the information related to his care, and participating in the decision-making related to it, after being informed of its results, its alternatives and the consequences of not adhering to it.
  • To be informed of the benefits, complications, alternatives, and success rates of interventional procedures, surgeries, anesthesia, hypnosis and injections, medicines, and to sign a declaration of approval before performing or giving them.
  • Refusal of care and failure to continue treatment after clarifying the consequences thereof.
  • Maintaining his security, properties, privacy, and confidentiality of his information.
  • Meet his needs and submit complaints or suggestions, and the hospital seeks to adopt them.
  • Knowing the prices of the services provided in the medical complex.
  • Rights defined by the regulations and laws of the Ministry of Health.

Duties of the patient

  • Respect and follow the system and the applicable rules, as well as other patients and employees of the medical complex.
  • Providing the treating team with all information about the medical history.
  • Follow the treatment plan agreed upon with the treating physician.

Inform the treating team of any symptoms or changes in their health status, including pain.

  • Not to leave the hospital while undergoing treatment without permission from the treating doctor and the hospital administration.
  • Take responsibility for the consequences resulting from refusing treatment or leaving the hospital in violation of the advice of the treating doctor, and signing the necessary declarations for that.
  • Respecting the official visit dates, and the failure of children under 10 years of age to visit except for Fridays and public holidays.
  • Commitment to maintain hospital facilities.
  • Not entering food from outside the hospital, in order to preserve the health of patients.
  • Fulfilling financial obligations to the hospital on the scheduled dates.
  • Not to leave the hospital during the stay for treatment.